Anti-lice coat hook Anti-lice coat hook To combat lice in collectivities ! The hook's anti-lice principle is repulsion. This hook with its fun design is a real innovation on the market and can also be personalised for each child.                                                                                                              
New RESILEX castor New RESILEX castor A new design, RESILEX® is manufactured in France and is still as robust, with good abrasion resistance. Requiring reduced starting force, the RESILEX® castor combines full manoeuvrability with optimum user convenience. Certified "Origine France Garantie"
New range of STARBLOCK screws New range of STARBLOCK screws More than 200 references for 6 areas of application. Screws in conformity with the rules for construction products. Convenient to use and with a perfect finish. Sizes and packages adapted to the PRO building site! Learn more …                      
CARBON trolley CARBON trolley The combination of high quality and cleaning. Under its ultra-contemporary shell made of carbon composite, this trolley provides the comfort necessary for the best cleaning services. It can be supplied with a secure tactile tablet. Lean about its distinctive features.
Roller board EXTEND BOARD Roller board EXTEND BOARD Who has never known the anxieties of moving? The American fridge that needs to be moved, or the designer chest? Extend Board is the answer for moving voluminous items easily! The top extends easily from 400x600 to 600x600 mm and can carry up to 400 kilos. An innovation from CDE Group.
The STARBLOCK TEAM The STARBLOCK TEAM The company Norail is the official sponsor of the STARBLOCK TEAM, a team of long-distance runners who have won several titles. Its values: endurance, resistance, performance and adaptability: values in common with STARBLOCK Screws.
Recto-verso butterfly hook Recto-verso butterfly hook WIth its wings spread, it adds movement to the walls. Hook 2 in 1 and reversible, it is a coat hook, place to leave things and letter-holder. Available in 5 colours, check them out.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Zoom leg square Zoom leg square This attractively designed leg has a new system of fast adjustment: a couple of seconds, and with the help of a driver, it goes from 700 to 1100 mm. Made of powder-coated steel, it is offered in 3 colours: white, grey and black. Watch the clip...                    
Zoom leg fast tightening Zoom leg fast tightening A twist of the wrist and it goes from 730 to 1100 mm. This product's ease of adjustment and its assembly speed make it the ideal leg for tables, worktops and bars. The proof on video.                                                                                                          
ZIG-ZAG hook ZIG-ZAG hook Ingenious, the Zig-zag hook fits both standard doors and overlay doors. It has 3 steel heads and is available in black and white. Registered design !